Croatian language summer camp program

The program is intended primarily for youth and children from Diaspora and children of foreigners living in Croatia who would like their children to enroll in an active language learning program in a stimulating and relaxing summer camp environment.

The Croatian Learning Program consists of 20h morning and 5h afternoon fun lessons per week.

All our professors are Croatian native speakers who have completed Croatian language studies at the university level. Also, they are fluent in English.

Lessons are held outdoors, with a special emphasis on communication - the program includes many educational games, songs, fun activities, work in pairs and group work ... Afternoon lessons are more relaxed and include various entertainment activities and group work, which our participants enjoy so much...

At the end of the summer camp, the participants take the final test, followed by Certificate of achievement.

Please send us an inquiry for available dates and prices.


Activo Camp - Brodarica, Croatia

Partners with whom we cooperated on our projects

What they said about us?

  • I was in your camp in 1991. I took English lessons and had a great time!
  • Socializing with children from all over Europe and the world leads to the development of co-existence and tolerance among the youngest members of our community.
  • Positive experiences and impressions that children bring home are priceless.